Simply suggest my chest and this confused music, it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.


last night i woke up because two dudes were fighting underneath my window and one dude kept screaming “BRO!! BRO YOU CALLED ME A BITCH IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE BAR BRO!! THE WHOLE BAR!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT BRO??” he sounded so heart broken. why bro. why did you do this.


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In a study of children aged 2-5, parents interrupted their daughters more than their sons, and fathers were more likely to talk simultaneously with their children than mothers were. Jennifer Coates says: “It seems that fathers try to control conversation more than mothers… and both parents try to control conversation more with daughters than with sons. The implicit message to girls is that they are more interruptible and that their right to speak is less than that of boys.”

Girls and boys’ differing understanding of when to talk, when to be quiet, what is polite and so on, has a visible impact on the dynamics of the classroom. Just as men dominate the floor in business meetings, academic conferences and so on, so little boys dominate in the classroom - and little girls let them.

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this explains my dad so hard.

and also i feel vindicated in my former one woman campaign to dominate classroom discussions, because i definitely got a lot of women talking when they realized that the professor listened to me as much as the guys.

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This little rant described the way I look at religion perfectly.



ballons at night


twenty one pilots at the apmas


not even a third wheel cause i dont have two friends